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. Surveillance  

. Financial investigations

. Background checks

. Undercover operations 

. Insurance fraud

. Trial preparation 

. Infidelity (divorce)

. Mystery shopper

. Video surveillance

. Debugging spyware

. Crime scene investigation 

. Skip tracing (people finder)


Our private investigation services gather all evidence to present to a lawyer in order to work their case in court. Evidence is gathered through statements from witnesses, undercover operations, surveillance, videotape, photos, and crime scene investigations.


Our private investigation team presents evidence in court of whom has custody of a child by finding evidence of whom would be the better parent. Through surveillance and statements from witnesses.


Our team is able to execute investigations in regard to insurance fraud on behalf of the company. 


Our private investigation team verifies for hidden cameras or listening devices in your home or business.


Our private investigation team performs mobile static or foot surveillance to collect evidence from the husband or wife seen in the act with someone else. Evidence is collected by videotape, photos, or statements from witnesses.


Our private investigation team is hired by owners of hotels, shops, and retail stores to conduct undercover operations to check employees and clients for fraud and robbery.


Background checks start with open-source intelligence. Data includes criminal records, social media, death records, marriage records, and birth records in order to get the information needed for the person searched. If all info needed can not be found through open source intelligence surveillance is needed.


Financial fraud inquiries by the investigation team are led by a certified fraud examiner. He will focus on verifying whether there is material evidence for financial fraud relevant records gathered and analyzed.


Surveillance is collecting information through photos and video surveillance to collect evidence while investigating a case.


Provincial security investigations our private investigation team during a criminal investigation the crime scene investigator or evidence recovery technician processes evidence for a crime scene. Examples of crime scenes private investigators handle are Robbery, financial fraud, insurance fraud, and workman compensation.

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The client must provide the agency with a minimum (24) twenty-four hour notice in case of any cancellation of the scheduled activity. A (4) four-hour minimum charge will be imposed for each investigator if the client fails to give (24) twenty-four hour notice to the agency. Emergency cases ( short notice) less than (24) twenty hours from notice to initiation of the case will be billed at one and one-half times the hourly rate. Client wishes to cancel this investigative services agreement once the agency has begun or scheduled such services, that an amount equal to one-half of the retainer fee shall be paid. Client shall give 48 hours minimum to start any case.

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Our private investigators collect evidence professionally and discreetly to protect our client's privacy.  All information released is released only if authorized by our clients. Information is locked up and safely guarded. Names, emails, addresses, localization, IP addresses, photos, account information, health information, income, religion also client behaviorism. All of the above is considered personal information.

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